Hello Living Dolls, Female Maskers and friends of DollCon Europe.


My name is Joseph Crouch and I am a professional photographer serving the UK and surrounding countries. Studio11 was established in 2009 and we offer family photography, makeover shoots and discrete bespoke photo shoots where your privacy is assured. Studio and location photography is available, and your anonymity is always safe guarded.

The Living Doll Community came to my attention in 2013, when I was introduced to Hot Girls Magazine Publisher, T-Vyrus, and I was invited to be an official photographer for DollCon Europe, hosted by T-Vyrus in London, 2014. As T's personal photographer, I felt privileged to cover the event, and I was amazed by the creative talents of all of the DollCon attendees. It was a very rewarding weekend for me on both professional and personal levels.


Joseph Crouch was a genuine pleasure to work with at the inaugural DollCon event in London, 2014, and he gave the con' his full attention, effort and enthusiasm. When the dolls were among the public, Joseph made himself an Ambassador for the group, and he willingly answered the questions of curious passerby's who were enthralled by the presence of so many of us out and about in public spaces. I could not have asked for a better ally and now friend to our community, and I am very happy to endorse his photography services. T-Vyrus


{photo right: T-Vyrus at DollCon Europe, photo by Joseph Crouch}


For those who attended DollCon 2014, T-Vyrus will make Internet ready images available to you via dropbox, email or similar; however, if you require higher resolution images you may contact me directly for details, pricing and editing services.


I look forward to working with everyone again at DollCon London in 2015, but until them I will look forward to the possibility of working with some of you individually in the studio or on location.


If you have any questions at all regarding the services that I offer then please do not hesitate to get in contact with me, and please know that I will always respect your privacy.


Joseph Crouch, Studio11


Phone: 0800 9095253
Mobile: 07411259155